Matthew Bratrsovsky

Matthew Bratrsovsky


I am a full stack developer with a passion for collaboration, creativity and colleagues who share similar values. My ideal company is innovative and emphasizes community. I am most practiced in JavaScript, Rust and Postgres and I love learning new technologies.


  • BACKEND: Node.js, Rust, PostgreSQL, SQL, Docker, Linux, NGINX, Python, Go
  • FRONTEND: Next.JS, React, Svelte, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Vue
  • SOFT: Leadership, Data Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration


Viaero Wireless

May 2022 – Current
Full Stack Developer
  • Create web applications, manage servers and develop backend architecture for a telecommunication company.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and train end users.

CMB Auto Sales

May 2019 – Current
Software Developer, Contract
  • Wrote a desktop applications in Rust and SQLite to manage customers, inventory, and transactions.
  • Implemented credit application submissions using Google Cloud Platform and Cloudflare R2.
  • Reduced transaction time from 30 to 7 minutes.
  • Increased customer awareness and reduced the percentage of customer debt and bad debts by ~40%.


University of Northern Colorado

2020 – 2022
Bachelor of Business Administration, Computer Information Systems
  • Treasurer, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity; Scholar of the Reisher Family

Morgan Community College

2018 – 2020
Associate of Arts - AA, Accounting and Business/Management


Netops Applications

  • Rust, Python, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, IMAP, Discourse, S3
  • Delivered several suites of software and web applications to facilitate and improve business operations.
  • Troubleshooted procedural bottlenecks with company leaders and implemented several solutions to increase efficiency.

AutoFLP: Dealer Management System

  • RUST, CSS, HTML, JS, Cloudflare R2, Google Cloud Platform, S3
  • A desktop suite for auto dealerships built with Rust for small, family owned businesses.
  • Features account and inventory management, credit application reviews, and support for billing, payments, and forms.

All About Paws Pet Spa LLC.

  • AstroJS, Tailwind CSS, Preact, Cloudflare, GitHub
  • Attract clients with images and information and mobile-first layouts.
  • Elegantly display an information-dense, static website.
  • Deploy with Cloudflare pages and GitHub.

Customer Cell Provisioning

  • SOAP, XML, ADP, NextJS, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Accelerate XML training with an easy-to-use and recognizable web application.
  • Facilitate provisioner interactions with nodes on Viaero's Ericsson network.
  • Permissions-based functionality.
  • Created an XML/SOAP editor and formatter.

Tower Camera Site

  • Rust, RTSP, FFmpeg, Digest Authentication, Nodemailer, NextJS
  • Assist local weather channels with capturing RTSP streams.
  • Administer a public-facing, invite-only site with permission-based routes and encrypted profiles.
  • Allow for editing recorded streams with a suite of abstracted FFmpeg functions and a node-based layout, written in an REST-ful Rust application.
  • Communicate with Axis Communication's VAPIX endpoints.
  • Layout and organize camera towers spanning several geographic sectors.

Fiber Troubleshooting

  • Go, NextJS, ChartJS
  • Facilitate individual troubleshooting for 100+ fiber-based, corporate accounts.
  • Ping traces individual and collective hosts, then displays the results in interactable charts.
  • Transformed existing, static information to a dynamic database.


Cooking, Personal Knowledge Management, Writing, Self-hosting, Gaming